Dramatic Feuilleton Figaro writes to Mr. Editor, discussing Max Maretzek's current conflict with the Herald. Figaro reprints the letter from Maretzek to the editor of the Herald that appeared in the World. He gives a report of the status of Maretzek's company and claims that everything appears to promise a success. Figaro also discusses the former harsh treatment of Miss Kellogg by the Herald and Maretzek's boldness in including her in his company this season. Figaro reports that Max Strakosch is forming a traveling opera troupe. Figaro also gives an update on theatrical news: the Keans will be at the Broadway Theatre, that Barnum will be at the Winter Garden until September 4, Stuart will manage with Winter Garden after Barnum leaves and that there is currently no information available about the upcoming seaons, Arrah-na-Pogue is still at Niblo's, and The Colleen Bawn will be replace by Born to Good Luck next week at Wallack's. Figaro also reports that the acrobat Thomas Hanlon has suffered another accidental fall in Cincinnati.