Dramatic Feuilleton Figaro opens the Feuilleton by addressing the Editor and commenting on the Editor's claims about why he currently refuses to write on books. Figaro claims that the only plays worth seeing are Arrah-na-Pogue at Niblo's and The Colleen Bawn at Wallack's, but claims that both are "out of date" and that he will not write on them. Figaro reprints the lyrics to "The Wearing of the Green" from Arrah-na-Pogue. Figaro also claims he ought to go see Miss Reginolds' Farewell Matinee at the Broadway or attend Barnum's show this afternoon. Figaro discusses Barnum's letter to the Nation in which he discusses his plans to "reform" after earning two million dollars on his "old plan." Figaro claims he too will reform when he has made that much money. While he claims he will stop writing Dramatic Feuilletons until he has any news to report, Figaro gives some general theatrical news, promises music news next week, and discusses Dan Bryant in The Colleen Bawn. Figaro also includes a P.S. that claims that Artemus Ward's Farewell Engagements will be genuine farewells to this world.