Dramatic Feuilleton Personne opens the Feuilleton with a discussion of his disagreement with the critics at Courrier des Etats Unis over Diane de Lys. Personne mentions a variety of news and events, including Gayler's burlesque of Poor Young Man and the "outbreak of Hibernianism" in the theaters with two new Irish dramas from Dion Bourcicault and Barney Williams. Personne engages in a long discussion of Adah Menken, referred to here as "Mrs. Heenan," which ranges from the "Benicia Girl's" "alleged matrimonial connection with the Boy who has gone over to England with the laudable intention of punching the head of Mr. Thomas Sayers" to her acting style (3). Personne cites the March 5, 1859, edition of the Saturday Press and the Tribune for further remarks on Menken's acting.