Dramatic Feuilleton Personne reports that Laura Keene has officially engaged Bourcicault and Agnes Robertson at her theater. He also gives general theatrical news, including his dislike of Keene's Distant Relations, the "good run" of Everybody's Friend at Wallack's, and the progress of The Octoroon at the Winter Garden. In a discussion of Mr. Blake's reputation and acting style, Personne digresses to discuss a visit by a young man from Poughkeepsie who sold newspapers to a "cafe (and cakes) to which the lower order of Bohemia, to wit, the newsboys, did invariably resort for festive purposes" (3). Personne reviews the week's events in opera; the company is to depart for Boston that afternoon. At the end of the column, Personne notes that he will not be able to address his readers until the new year, and gives the "usual compliments." He hails Bohemia and its Queen and describes it as "the only free community on the face of the earth" (3).