Dramatic Feuilleton Personne begins the Feuilleton with a discussion of Patti's introduction to the Academy of Music as a performer and the terms of her contract. Personne reviews a benefit for Mr. Walcot where The Clandestine Marraige was performed. Personne discusses the announcement of Bourcicault's new play, The Octoroon at the Winter Garden and also discusses what's coming up at Wallack's and Keene's. Personne addresses those "who steal from this department of the Saturday Press and explains why he always credits those from whom he takes material--it's because he doesn't believe any of them. Personne reprints a poem by "Old Spirit" in the Daily News about Adelaida Cortesi. Personne also mentions that Matilda Heron is currently at Niblo's and gave her 520th performance of Camille on Monday. Personne concludes with some remarks about some actors' upcoming benefits.