Dramatic Feuilleton Personne begins the Feuilleton with a review of "Little Patti's" debut on Thursday to somewhat smaller crowds. Personne reviews The Oldest Man in the Magic Flute and also reprints the review of the show written by "a young man from Boston, who is looked upon, in his boarding house, as a great musical amateur, and a gentleman of fine literary talents" who writes for the Ledger and frequents Pfaff's (3). Personne gives the general theatrical news, including Sothern's law suit against Laura Keene for "breach of contract." Personne also discusses the "Vagabond" of the Sunday Times and his admiration for Edwin Booth. Personne also mentions Heron's upcoming performance at the Winter Garden in a benefit for Bourcicault and notes that next week's Feuilleton will be shorter due to his Thanksgiving dinner with "the protégés of the Five Points Mission" (3).