Dramatic Feuilleton Personne writes about the recent production of Mr. Oliver S. Leland's translation of Scribe's Czarine at the Metropolitan Theatre. The play had "the usual courtesy run of four nights" with the fourth night being the most terrible of all (2). Personne gives the opera news for the Bowery, which seems to be boring the audience to sleep, and Cincinnati, where the most interest seems to be among the opera critics. Personne makes mention of Brougham's and Goodrich's play, of which he has a copy, and takes note of the dedication and the authors' claims that it is an original work. Personne hesitates to review the piece before it is performed, but offers his predictions nonetheless. Personne also mentions the poor audience showing for Laura Keene's The Road to Ruin, notes the current production of As You Like It at Wallack's, and gives the latest news from the Broadway, Niblos, the Academy of Music, and Burton's.