Literary Items In this edition of "Literary Notes," the auction at Messrs. Bangs, Merwyn & Co. and the sale remainders of the contents of Mr. Dawson Turney's collection by Messrs. Patrick and Simpson are announced. An overview of recent and upcoming publications is given, including notes on The Trials of a Public Benefactor, the publication of the correspondent of Napoleon the First, the new work by Victor Fournal, the publication of a work in support of the Womens' Rights Movement in Paris by Mr. Leon Fay, the new History of Prostitution by Dr. Sanger, the new edition of Mr. Brunet's Manual for the Library, and the Amateur of Books, the publication of the first volume of the Historical Directory of French Language by the French Academy, as well as several notes American and international publications and current literature. The column aslo reports on the discovery of several MSS by Pope. The column concludes with a detailed review of "The Magazines and Their Contents" for October and November.