Bohemianism: The American Authors Who Met in a Cellar "Bohemianism in America was born in a cellar, and it never got above ground," reminisces this article. "Perhaps if it had it would ceased to have been Bohemianism. The cellar was Pfaff's restaurant, on Broadway, near Bleecker street, New York." In addition to giving an overview of the Pfaff's scene and listing some of the frequenters of Pfaff's bar, the article also includes a poem about the Pfaff's bohemians by Edgar Fawcett and a statement of autobiography dictated by Henry Clapp. "There has been a great deal written about these meetings at Pfaff's, and from some accounts one would think the conversation was very brilliant. I think this was rarely the case. . . . I think the charm of the place was its coziness."