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Relationships of Benton, Myron

To explore the relationships between the various bohemian writers and artists who frequented Pfaff's bar, select a person or group, and then select a relationship type. This section of the site is currently under construction; new content is being added on a regular basis.

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Benton, Joel (1832-1911)


Myron Beecher Benton was one of Joel Benton's cousins.


Benton, Joel (1832-1911)

Myron Beecher Benton was a close friend of his cousin Joel Benton.

Burroughs, John (1837-1921)

Benton was a friend and correspondent of Burroughs'. Burroughs wrote Benton several times with his impressions of Whitman.

Benton and John Burroughs were friends and members of Ada Clare's coterie.

Clare, Ada (1836-1874)

Benton was friends with Ada Clare and was part of her coterie of Bohemians.

Stoddard, Richard Henry (1825-1903)