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Relationships of Boughton, George

To explore the relationships between the various bohemian writers and artists who frequented Pfaff's bar, select a person or group, and then select a relationship type. This section of the site is currently under construction; new content is being added on a regular basis.

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Fawcett, Edgar (1847-1904)

Fawcett includes a character in his poem [Before I was famous] that is most likely Boughton.


Aldrich, Thomas Bailey (1836-1907)

In London, Mr. and Mrs. Aldrich renewed their friendship with George Boughton and his wife. Mrs. Aldrich describes Boughton as a "Royal Academician and charming artist."

Eytinge, Solomon Jr. (1833-1905)

Boughton is mentioned as a member of "Sol's [Eytinge] group of artistic companionship."

Fawcett, Edgar (1847-1904)

A poem by Fawcett remembering his old friends from Pfaff's mentions "artist George", who may be George Henry Boughton.


The Saturday Press

Boughton is mentioned as a member of the Pfaff's group which assisted in the publication of the Saturday Press.