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Relationships of Eytinge, Rose

To explore the relationships between the various bohemian writers and artists who frequented Pfaff's bar, select a person or group, and then select a relationship type. This section of the site is currently under construction; new content is being added on a regular basis.

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Booth, Edwin (1833-1893)

Booth and Eytinge met in the theater when he offered her a part in A Fool's Revenge. They worked together subsequently. Rose considered Booth very kind and enjoyed working with him.

Clare, Ada (1836-1874)

In her memoir, Eytinge described the development of a friendship with Clare when she came to Albany, after an initial rivalry between the two actresses.

Daly, John Augustin (1838-1899)

Refers to Augustin Daly as her "fast friend" for arranging the details of her voyage to Europe "in just twelve hours from the time I had settled to go."

Menken, Adah Isaacs (1835-1868)

Eytinge says of Menken's voice "never, either before or since, have I heard anything so perfect in sound as that voice."