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Relationships of Raymond, Henry

To explore the relationships between the various bohemian writers and artists who frequented Pfaff's bar, select a person or group, and then select a relationship type. This section of the site is currently under construction; new content is being added on a regular basis.

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Briggs, Charles Frederick (1804-1877)

Briggs was one of the "brilliant corps of assistant editors" hired by Henry J. Raymond of the Times in 1852.

Church, William Conant (1836-1917)

Church and Raymond worked together at the Times.

O'Brien, Fitz-James (1826-1862)

When the Times doubled its size in 1852, O'Brien was among the "brilliant corps of assistant editors" hired by Raymond (354).


Bloom, Nathaniel


Bloom and Raymond were friends, and both members of the Fred Gray Association.