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Mentioned in Madame Bishop at Palace Garden

Born in Ireland, John Brougham originally pursued a surgical career at the Peter Street Hospital in Dublin. A change in fortune resulted in his decision to move to England and become an actor in 1830. He was associated with London's Tottenham Street Theatre, the Olympic Theatre, and became manager of the London Lyceum in 1840. Brougham produced over 100 works and is remembered for his comedic playwriting and acting.

Not much is known about the details of Benjamin Masset's life. However, according to A. L. Rawson, Masset was "a true friend" of Ada Clare, who held a significant role in the Pfaffian circle as the "queen" to Clapp, considered the "king." It is also from Rawson that we learn that Masset advised Ada Clare about the two novels she wrote. He allegedly told her to print one of them and to destroy her other work (Rawson 100).