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Rose, William


An obituary of Charles Pfaff from the Brooklyn Eagle in 1890 mentions that William J. Rose was one of the "bright spirits" who met at Pfaff's ("[Acute gastritis]" 10). Mark Lause also refers to William J. Rose as "an American participant" of a February 1854 celebration in New York of the 1848 uprisings in Paris. According to the New York Times article written about the event, Rose played a prominent role as a speaker who proposed several toasts to the crowd. To commemorate the French uprisings, Rose addressed the French delegates exclaiming "France has borne the cross as long, if not even more tediously, than other lands, but her ultimate triumph will reward her for all" (New York Times, February 25, 1854, 10). Little else is known about Rose or his connections to Pfaff's.