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Neill, Harry (?-1861)


Harry Neill was born to a Presbyterian minister in Philadelphia (Gunn, vol. 18, 54). Henry Clapp’s New York Times obituary describes Neill as “a gifted Philadelphian” ("Obituary" 7). Neill was a journalist whose work was published in Vanity Fair and other contemporary periodicals. He also wrote under the alias, Inigo (T. Miller 37). Before moving to New York in his early 20s, Neill's work appeared in Philadelphia's Bulletin and the Evening Journal.

In New York, Junius Browne claims that Neill was part of the “fraternity” that met at Pfaff’s restaurant, which “had late suppers, and were brilliant with talk over beer and pipes for several years” (156-57). Here he took a position at The Tribune, a position which he held until his premature death (Gunn, vol. 18, 54). William Winter, who had previously replaced Neill at the Albion, reminisces that Neill and Frank Wood were “young journalists of fine ability,” and “were frequently present” at Pfaff’s (T. Miller 79). Winter adds that “both of them died in youth, with their promise unfulfilled,” as Neill died at the age of 23 from what is presumed to be typhoid fever (Old Friends 65; Gunn, vol. 18, 54).