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O'Gorman, Richard

In “Our New York Letter,” O’Gorman is mentioned in reference to the Bohemian Club, which may have been a post-Pfaff’s group of journalists, although the article claims that the group has would often meet at “Pfaafs [sic]” (64-65). Thomas Gunn mentions a Lieutenant O'Gorman in several entries of his diaries, but it is unknown if Gunn's O'Gorman and the O'Gorman mentioned in the "Our New York Letter" were the same person (cf. Gunn vol. 21, 168-70, 172-3, 180-2; vol. 22, 23-4, 26-9). There is also a Richard O'Gorman, who was involved in the Young Ireland movement, but it is also uncertain if he is the same person who may have been part of the Bohemian Club (Fenton 60). No other information about O’Gorman is available, and the accuracy of “Our New York Letter” is questionable.