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Schwartz, Theodore (?)

A. L. Rawson describes Schwartz as a friend of Ada Clare. He was “an engineer and rival of Ericsson” whose association with the Pfaffians is unknown (103). Although there is a not a concrete link that ties him to Pfaff’s proper, Schwartz’s friendship with Clare suggests that he was involved with the Bohemian coterie that regularly gathered at her 42nd Street home. The Schwartz that Rawson mentioned in his article may be the same person as "Theodore Schwartz," who was an engineer in New York City, according to his patent application for a caloric engine (Scientific American, Jan. 2, 1865, 8). The connection between the two individuals seems likely because Theodore Schwartz was working on caloric engines, which were used for a variety of purposes including for use in printing presses and to pump water, among several others. John Ericsson was an individual who was known to be working on caloric engines at the same time as Schwartz, which correlates with what Rawson described in his article about the so-called Schwartz who was a friend of Ada Clare (New York Times, January 19, 1860; Rawson 103).