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Three of a Trade, or, Red Little Kriss Kringle

O'Brien, Fitz-James. "Three of a Trade, or, Red Little Kriss Kringle." Good Stories, Part III. Ill. Solomon Eytinge, Jr. Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1868. 119-125.
illustration, short fiction

The setting is Christmas Eve, and two young boys (Tip and Binnie) are sitting under a store awning by the roadside in the freezing cold. The two children hug each other to keep warm while they remember their mother and anticipate the arrival of Kriss Kringle, hoping he will bring them food and drink. When a small figure emerges from the snow, the boys first believe Kriss Kringle has arrived. Instead the figure is a lost and abused organ-grinder's monkey. The boys take the monkey into the shelter of their arms and fall asleep dreaming that the monkey becomes Kriss Kringle who whisks them away to a world of wonder. The following morning, the boys and the monkey are discovered buried in the snow, having passed away in the night.

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