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The Age of Gold

Brougham, John, Franklin Burdge, and Jacob Spahn. "The Age of Gold." Spahn, Brougham, Burdge; Oration, Poem, and History. Rochester: University of Rochester, 1873.

the book has 3 authors that aren't listed as editors: Spahn, Jacob,; 1849-1902. ; Brougham, John,; 1810-1880. ; Burdge, Franklin,; 1835-1908. Book appears to be a transcription of an event before the Theta Delta Chi Society during the convention dinner at the Metropolitan Hotel, NY, Februrary 21, 1873.

Book is primarily about Theta Delta Chi.

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Theta Delta Chi

Book is a compilation of different pieces performed on February 21, 1873, at the convention dinner at the Metropolitan Hotel. The book is also printed under the direction of the organization.