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Whitman and William Swinton: A Co-operative Friendship

Hollis, C. Carroll. "Whitman and William Swinton: A Co-operative Friendship." American Literature. 1959. 425-449.

People Mentioned in this Work

Swinton, John [pages:425-428,434]

This source identifies John as Whitman's friend.

Swinton, William [pages:425-449]

Hollis discusses his career and relationship to Whitman. William Swinton may or may not have been at Pfaffs, but he was friendly with Whitman at the time. Many interactions with Whitman that were attributed to his brother John may have actually been him (footnote 29).

Whitman, Walt [pages:425-449]

Hollis disscusses his relationships with John and William Swinton. Hollis explores Whitman's ties to William Swinton and their collaborative writing. Hollis also talks about Whitman's possible ghost-writing of W. Swinton's Rambles Among Words.