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Walt Whitman and the Atlantic Monthly

Baker, Portia. "Walt Whitman and the Atlantic Monthly." American Literature. 1934. 283-301.
essay, history

People Mentioned in this Work

Aldrich, Thomas [pages:284, 285, 286,289, 290, 295, 299]

Baker discusses his role as the editor of the Atlantic Monthly. Baker notes that Whitman mentioned making his aquaitance "in New York, at the beershop."

Baker discusses the difficulty in characterizing Aldrich based on his relationship with the Pfaffians and his tenure as the assistant editor of The Saturday Press.

Burroughs, John [pages:289]

Baker notes that Burroughs distrusted Howells' friendliness/relationship to Whitman in 1866.

Clapp, Henry [pages:290, 292]

Editor-in-chief of The Saturday Press. Clapp wrote a letter to Whitman about his anonymous contribution to the Atlantic Monthly. Clapp enjoyed the press commentary on the Atlantic Monthly at the publication of Whitman.

Howells, William [pages:284, 285, 286,289,291, 294, 299]

Baker discusses his role as the editor of the Atlantic Monthly.

O'Brien, Fitz-James [pages:290]

One of the assistant co-editors of The Saturday Press with Aldrich and Winter, 1858-1860.

The Saturday Press [pages:290]
Stedman, Edmund [pages:298, 300]

He complained of hostility towards New York writers by the Atlantic Monthly.

Taylor, Bayard [pages:298, 299, 300]

Taylor was the recipient of Stedman's complaints about the hostility of the Atlantic Monthly towards New York writers. Taylor was one of the few New York associated writers regularly published by the magazine.

Whitman, Walt [pages:283-301]

Baker discusses Whitman's relationship to the Atlantic Monthly and his reception in Boston literary circles.

Winter, William [pages:290]

The author cites Winter as an assistant co-editor of The Saturday Press.