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The Foreground of Leaves of Grass

Stovall, Floyd. The Foreground of Leaves of Grass. Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1974.
history, biography

People Mentioned in this Work

Clapp, Henry [pages:4-5, 6, 7,8,14, 37(n), 226]

Called the "Prince of Bohmemia." Stovall discusses Clapp's publication of Whitman's poetry in The Saturday Press and his "Bohemian fraternity."

Gayler, Charles [pages:3 (n.)]

Stovall discusses his relationship to Whitman and the Brooklyn Daily Times. Gayler became a playwright and remained a regular patron of Pfaff's even after the Bohemians left.

House, Edward [pages:6,7]

It is possible that House acted as an intermediary in order to get Whitman published in the Tribune.

Leland, Charles [pages:223]

He was an editor at Vanity Fair. Stovall includes Leland's discussion Whitman and the Bohemians.

O'Brien, Fitz-James [pages:6]

Stovall notes that O'Brien called on Whitman.

The Saturday Press [pages:3 (n.), 4-5, 37(n), 132(n),226]

A notice of publication of "A Child's Reminiscence" in this paper appeared in the Brooklyn Daily Times on Dec. 24, 1859. Stovall also discusses Whitman's poems in relation to The Saturday Press.

Stedman, Edmund [pages:6]

Stovall mentions that Stedman recalled seeing Whitman at Pfaff's.

Whitman, Walt [pages:3 (n.),4-5, 6, 7, 14, 38, 223]

Stovall discusses the early reviews of Leaves of Grass and the notices of publication of his poems in The Saturday Press. Stovall also mentions that Whitman was in contact with regulars at Pfaff's and may have had assistance getting published in some New York papers. Stovall notes that Whitman had grown tired of newspaper editors' politics, disliked housebuilding, and found Pfaff's stimulating to his sense of aesthetics.

Willis, Nathaniel [pages:38]

Whitman most likely met him during a visit to Pfaff's sometime during 1855.

Wood, Frank [pages:223]

Wood was one of the members of the Pfaff's circle and the founder of Vanity Fair.