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In Brief

"In Brief." Congregationalist and Christian World. 1902. 194.
journalism, obituary

This article contains a brief obituary for Elizabeth Barstow Stoddard.

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Stoddard, Elizabeth [pages:194]

The obituary states that "The death of Elizabeth Barstow Stoddard, wife of Richard Henry Stoddard, removes a woman who had in her mental make-up much of the old New England thought and sentiment. The ultimate problems of existence had a fascination for her, and the sterner aspects of life were the theme of her thought and were reflected in her novels and poems." The obituary mentions that she and her husband lived on Stuyvesant Square in New York City, "a shrine and a salon" (194).

Stoddard, Richard [pages:194]

The note states that his wife, Elizabeth Barstow Stoddard, passed away. They lived on Stuyvesant Square in New York City. Their home is described as "a shrine and a salon" (194).