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A New Portrait of Paris: Painted from Life

Clapp, Henry Jr. "A New Portrait of Paris: Painted from Life." New York Saturday Press. 25 Dec. 1858: 1, 2.
travelogue, journalism

The author begins Chapter IX with a discussion of his personal weaknesses, coffee and tobacco. He then turns his attention to the Cafe Concert and the entertainment at that venue. The author is informed by his companions, mainly Squills as to the differences between several of the working women in Paris: the etudiante, the femme publique, the grisette, and the lorette. The author writes about the performance at the Cafe Concert and the circulation of women and flowers at the event. He mentions Pauvrette and reprints a letter from her to a New York man visiting Paris who encouraged her to move to America and seek her fortunes as a shopgirl.

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