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The Love of a Puppet! : A Christmas Story

Aldrich, T.B. "The Love of a Puppet! : A Christmas Story." New-York Saturday Press. 24 Dec. 1859: 1, 4.
short fiction

This is a story of forbidden love; Kathie Pynchon, the heroine of the story, is in love with Walter Brandt, a man of little income whose social status and pedigree make him an unsuitable match for Kathie—according to her parents. Her father is so obsessed with wealth, power, and class—it almost seems over-the-top—that he forbids Kathie to see him and later arranges for her to wed Davie Howe, the father of a deceased man who he initially wanted her to marry! Unfortunately for Davie and the Pynchon parents, but fortunate for Kathie, Davie ends up in a terrible accident hours before their wedding, and miraculously, Walter Brandt (who had spent the last 2 years away, acquiring enough wealth to support Kathie and please and gain acceptance from her parents) appears in just the nick of time and the two are married a day later, on Christmas Day.
Puppets are used as metaphors for human behavior.

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