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Dramatic Feuilleton

Quelqu'un [Winter, William]. "Dramatic Feuilleton." New-York Saturday Press. 18 Sep. 1860: 3.
theater criticism

Addressing his piece to the "General," Quelqu'un discusses his distaste at the practice by theatrical managers of writing "cards"--apparently a supplementary description of a forthcoming dramatic production intended both for publicity and general information. Quelqu'un specifically cites a "card" written by Laura Keene. Quelqu'un also talks about the operatic season and gives a sarcastic critique of both the performances and the audiences.

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Keene, Laura [pages:3]

Quelqu'un reprints the text of one of her "cards" (3). He also says that "if there is one person connected with the New York stage who stands higher in my estimation than another, whether as an actor or as a manager, it is Laura Keene, who by her enterprise, her liberality, her professional talent, and her rare attention to details, is entitled . . . to your highest commendation" (3).

Nelson, Annette

Referred to as "Mrs. Brougham" (3).