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Letter to Henry Clapp, Jr., June 12, 1860

Whitman, Walt. "Letter to Henry Clapp, Jr., June 12, 1860." Walt Whitman: The Correspondence. Ed. Edwin Haviland Miller. New York: New York University Press, 1961. 55.
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Whitman writes to Henry Clapp, Jr. making a special request that he publish a poem and piece of prose written by Mr. Leland in the next issue of the Saturday Press.

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21.2 To Henry Clapp, Jr. 6.12.[1860]
Brooklyn, |Tuesday afternoon, June 12.
Dear friend,

Fearful that, by insufficient examination you may not do justice to
the articles from Mr. Leland, but give them the go-by, I write to make a
special request that, if convenient, you print them in next S[aturday]
P[ress]-the poem leading first col. first page, the prose following imme-
diately after. Those articles, (I feel it thoroughly,) have certain little
grains of salt that I wish to see put in a way of "leavening" the lump of
______ you know what.
Did you see what Mrs. Heenan says about me in last "Sunday Mur-
cury"-first page?

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