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Letter to Moncure D. Conway, July 24, 1867

Whitman, Walt. "Letter to Moncure D. Conway, July 24, 1867." Walt Whitman: The Correspondence. Ed. Edwin Haviland Miller. New York: New York University Press, 1961. 332-333.
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Whitman writes a letter to Moncure D. Conway from Washington on July 24, 1867. Enclosed in the letter is a copy of his Poems, and Whitman notes that if Mr. Conway sees an opening, he may set up the publication of a London edition.

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To Moncure D. Conway
Washington,|Wednesday afternoon,|July 24, 1867.
Dear friend,
I avail myself of an opportunity to send you, by hands of Mr. Philp, just starting for London, a copy of my Poems, prepared with care for the printers, with reference to republication in England. The Introduction is written by William O'Connor. All is sent you, so that in case there comes any opening, you may have a proper copy, of latest date, prepared by me, to publish from. Of course I do not expect you, & would not permit you, to make yourself the job of running around & seeking after a publisher. Only, please take charge of the Copy-(I hereby clothe you with full Power over it)-& should any good chance befal, it is what I would wish a London edition set up from.
Mr. O'Connor has shown me your note of April 30, last, to him, I wish to send you, as aIS0 t0 those other friends & well-wishers whom it Seem I have in England, my true thanks & love.
Many serious & wonderful things have occurred in our dear country, since you & I last met, my friend. But of these I will not now talk. I also have had many deep experiences since.
Mr. Philp leaves Washington this evening, & I must hasten my letter. I will add that I remain well & hearty. For occupation I hold a clerkship in the Attorney General's office here, of pay sufficient, & duties entirely agreeable & consistent with my tastes.
I may write you further, by mail, about the book, & other matters. Write me, on receipt of this. Farewell.
Walt Whitman.

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