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Letter to Abby H. Price, July 27, 1867

Whitman, Walt. "Letter to Abby H. Price, July 27, 1867." Walt Whitman: The Correspondence. Ed. Edwin Haviland Miller. New York: New York University Press, 1961. 335.
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Whitman writes a letter to his friend Abby Price, requesting that she obtain two or three copies of the current London Chronicle which contains in it a piece about his Leaves of Grass.

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To Abby H. Price
ADDRESS: Mrs. Abby H. Price,|279 East 55th Street| New York City POSTMARK: Washington|Jul|(?)|D.C.
Washington July 27,1867
My dear friend,
Will some of you, the first time you go down town, stop at office (or shop) of E. Godkin, 130 Nassau st. & see if you can get me two or three copies of a new paper, the London Chronicle, with a piece about Leaves of Grass &c. I think it must be the paper for June 22-(though it may be June 29-or June 15)-but you must look & see-Godkin is the American agent.
I am well as usual-work in the same office-all goes an the same in the office & generally. Mother has moved to ,1194 Atlantic street-(not av.)-opposite Hamilton st. You take Fulton av. cars. Ellen O'Connor is going far the summer to coast of Rhode Island-her little girl Jenny is afflicted with bad swellings &c of joints-appears to be scrofulous- William O'Connor is well-
How are you all? Write me a good long letter-tell me all the news- all about the girls, & Mr. Arnold-& the last from Arthur, & every thing-
So good bye for this time-I send you my love, dear friend, & Same to the dear girls-& to all.
If you can get the papers, direct them to me Attorney Gen's Office-

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