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Letter from Paris [from our own correspondent]

Ego. "Letter from Paris [from our own correspondent]." New-York Saturday Press. 14 Apr. 1866: 4.

In this "Letter" to "My Dear Press," Ego discusses the recent "poetic" mood in Paris as well as the current opportunities for a new poet to emerge in the Paris literary scene. Ego reports on Patti's most recent performance in Don Giovanni and the press' reaction to the show. Ego discusses M. Paradol's introduction to the Emperor after his election to L'Academie Francais. Ego discusses the several recent biographies of Marie Antionette based on her "Letters" that have been published and speculates about their fates after the recent discovery of the "originals" by M. de Siebel in a public library in Vienna and the discrepancies between the sets of letters. Ego reports that Alexandre Dumas, Sen.'s new drama, Gabriel Lambert is currently playing at the Gaiete and that Theodore de Banville's Pierrer Gringoire is expected to debut soon at the Theatre Francais.

People Mentioned in this Work

The Saturday Press [pages:4]

Ego gives the names of several volumes of poetry that he has been asked to mention in the Saturday Press (4).