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Letter from Paris [from our own correspondent]

Ego. "Letter from Paris [from our own correspondent]." New-York Saturday Press. 17 Apr. 1866: 4.

In this "Letter," Ego begins with his decision not to critique or analyze Hugo's Les Travailleurs de la Mer and also briefly discusses the nature of criticism. Ego also discusses the new gallery of the Corps Legislatif including how the gallery is funded, the quality of the collection, and the manner in which the artwork was collected. In theatrical news, Ego discusses the new drama, Les Chanteurs Ambulants, at the Porte St. Martin's Theatre and the new comedy, Le Contagion, at the Odeon. He also reports that the overature of La Prophete was given at the most recent Concert populaire, that George Sand's new comedy, Les Don Juan de Village, will debut soon at the Vaudeville, adn that Ernest Freydeau's new book, Du Luxe, des Femmes, des Moeurs, de la Litterature is due next week.

People Mentioned in this Work

Clapp, Henry [pages:4]

Ego compares the style of Jules Janin's Fueilleton about Les Chanteurs Ambulants to Figaro's (4).