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Letter from Paris [from our own correspondent]

Ego. "Letter from Paris [from our own correspondent]." New-York Saturday Press. 24 Mar. 1866: 4.

In this "Letter" to "My Dear Press," Ego opens with a brief update on Patti's performances before discussing the most recent "first representation" at the Gaiete Theatre, Le Coup de Jernac, and the trends in modern French playwriting (4). Ego discusses the popularity of "Crispino e la Comare" and the Ricci brothers, as well as M. Villars's new biography of the Opera composers. Ego reports that a new theater is to be built for the exhibition in the Champ de la Mars and also reports on the other journal devoted to the exhibition, Le Pantheon de l'Industrie et des Arts. Ego discusses Hugo's refusal to allow his most recent novel to be serialized and his announcement that he will produce a new novel next year. Ego reports that M. Flaubert has also announced a new novel, Le Livre Sans Nom. Ego updates his readers on the writings and stage productions of M. Alexandre Dumas, Jr. and M. Alexandre Dumas, Sen. Ego reports that the historian M. Martin is expected to fill M. Dupin's chair at the Academy. Ego also reports that there is a new novel by George Sand, Monsieur Sylvestre and a new book by M. de Goncourt, Idees et Sensations. Ego reports that M. Emile Olivier has replaced M. de Girarin as the editor of La Presse. Ego also reports that La Vrai Courage, a comedy by M. Glais-Bixoin, has been censored due to its political themes. Ego also gives several other small updates, including announcing that there is a exhibit of two landscapes by Mr. Durand.