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Dramatic Feuilleton

Figaro [Clapp, Henry Jr.]. "Dramatic Feuilleton." New-York Saturday Press. 24 Mar. 1866: 4, 5.

In this piece to Mr. Editor, Figaro writes about his distaste for false anonymous reports. He also gives a list of current theatrical events. Figaro ends his column with a note that Pfaff has sold his bar to the Messrs. Kruyt.

People who Created this Work

Clapp, Henry author

People Mentioned in this Work

Booth, Edwin [pages:5]

Figaro mentions that Booth is currently the "great attraction" at the Winter Garden (5).

Kellogg, Clara [pages:5]

Figaro mentions that Kellogg's benefit was postponed and announces that it has been rescheduled (5).

Pfaff, Charles [pages:5]

Figaro writes that "PFAFF HAS SOLD OUT" and has sold his bar to Messrs. Kruyt (5).

Wallack's Lyceum [pages:4]

Figaro writes that he saw Mr. Editor enjoying a performance of The Serious Family at Wallack's (4).

Wallack, John [pages:5]

Figaro writes that "A Well-Known New Yorker" has reported that Wallack has left the stage to write a play. Figaro argues that it is well known among the theatrical community that Wallack is currently too ill to perform (5).