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Letter from Paris

Ego. "Letter from Paris." New-York Saturday Press. 17 Mar. 1866: 4.

In this letter to "My Dear Press," Ego begins with a discussion of Le Moniteur de L'Exposition Universelle de 1867, explaining how the paper has been established for the Great Exhibition and discussing the journal's official function for the Exhibition. Ego discusses the new Opera by M. Victor Masse, Fior d'Aliza, and gives a review of the work. Ego also discusses the rumors of Patti's engagement to perform in St. Petersburg. In literary news, Ego discusses the forthcoming novel by Victor Hugo, Les Travailleurs de la Mer and the new novel by MM. Erkman-Chatrian. Ego reports that the previously forbidden newspaper L'Independence Belge will now be allowed in France. Ego also gives updates on the architect M. Duban and writes some brief notices about the current theatrical productions and literary news. Ego ends by reporting that M. de Girardin has begun publishing his own journal Revue du XIX Siecle.