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Letter from Paris

Ego. "Letter from Paris." New-York Saturday Press. 10 Mar. 1866: 3.

In this "Letter," written to "My Dear Press," Ego begins with a discussion of the private gallery, La Galerie de Fragonard and the works of Fragonard in general. Ego discusses the French artist's work in relation to Rubens and also discusses the power of the collection he viewed. Ego then discusses the different artistic representations of George Washington. Ego gives various updates on the other cultural events in Paris, including the new musical attractions at the Varieties, a review of the newest production at the Opera Comique, a discussion of the Turkish pianist Leopold de Mayer, the new comedy at the Theatre Francais, and Gustav Dore's illustrations of Lafontaine's fables. Ego also gives the latest Opera news, discusses the construction of the Exhibition Palace at the Champ de Mars, and mentions Dumas's new play and Clesinger's new sculpture. Ego ends with the news of Emile de Girardin's leaving the editorship of La Presse after the paper expressed "political" views against the government on several occasions.

People Mentioned in this Work

Clapp, Henry [pages:3]

Ego writes that the portrait of Jules Janin in the most recent issue of Illustration "appears as old as your 'Figaro' did when I saw him in Paris and nearly as good-looking" (3).