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Letter to F.P. and W.C. Church, October 13, 1867

Whitman, Walt. "Letter to F.P. and W.C. Church, October 13, 1867." Walt Whitman: The Correspondence. Ed. Edwin Haviland Miller. New York: New York University Press, 1961. 343.
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Whitman writes to tell W.C. and F.P. Church that he has finished his article titled “Democracy” and he is persuaded that it will work well as the leading article in the December issue of Galaxy.

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To F.P. and W.C. Church
Washington, | October 13 1867.
Messrs. Church. | Gentlemen:
I write merely to say that I have finished the article on Democracy; (that will be its name.) I feel persuaded that it w ill please you thoroughly. It will make thirteen pages in Galaxy-the arrangement that it appear as leader in December number, being of course carried out.
It will reach your hands by or before Monday next, 21st.
Walt Whitman.

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The letter is addressed, in part, to W.C. Church.