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Letter to F.P. and W.C. Church, December 30, 1867

Whitman, Walt. "Letter to F.P. and W.C. Church, December 30, 1867." Walt Whitman: The Correspondence. Ed. Edwin Haviland Miller. New York: New York University Press, 1961. 354.
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Whitman writes to tell W.C. and F.P. Church that he will call on them in New York on the second of January, and he would like to see the proof of “Ethiopia Commenting.”

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To F.P. and W.C. Church
Washington | December 30, 1867.
Messrs. Church. | My dear sirs:
I shall be in New York, & will call upon you, 2d of January. By the way, would you please have the little piece, the verses "Ethiopia Commenting," put in type, & a proof taken & ready for me?
Walt Whitman

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The letter is addressed to W.C. Church.