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Letter from Paris

Ego. "Letter from Paris." New-York Saturday Press. 13 Mar. 1866: 1, 2.

Ego begins his letter to Mr. Editor with a discussion of Adelina Patti's performances in Paris. Ego discusses the popularity of the shows, the audience, and the performances. Ego also mentions the current events at the Italian Opera, the Theatre Lyrique, and the rumors circulating about the authorship of Heloise Paranquet at the Gymnase. Ego also gives a series of short updates on current events in Paris including the death of the tight-rope dancer Mme. Saquy, the Pope's book burnings, the new novels, Guizot's son's professorship, news within the French medical community and the protest of the medical students, Mr. John Durand's new translationg of "Letters from Italy," Mr. Rogeard's anti-government pamphlet, Mr. Got's action against the Theatre Francais, Patti's new deal with M. Bagier, and Liszt's upcoming visit to Paris.