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Letter to Walt Whitman

Vaughan, Frederick B. Letter to Walt Whitman. 1860.
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This letter from Fred Vaughan to Walt Whitman was sent on April 30, 1860.

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I was very glad indeed to hear from you in answer to my last, and you know I could not but be gratified to find your business was progressing so favorably,-- In accordance with not only your wishes, but my own I went to Brooklyn yesterday and saw your Mother. — I found her alone, Matt & Jeff out walking. Eddy at church, and George out somewhere’s else I suppose. She did not remember me at first but as soon as she did she was very much pleased. I had a long talk, and settled the old $2.00 affair of Matts. I came away before she and Jeff returned. Walt, Mother says she feels first rate, is not at all sick, and I think she looks as well now as she did while I was living over there. —There is no news new Walt. The last fight, the Japenese Embassy, and the Charleston Democratic Convention, fill the papers to the exclusion of Every thing else. —Dunn, the ex stage driver is in Boston with that Circus Co. I think he will call upon you as I gave him your address. —If you come on here this . . . Be sure and make it your business to call and see me. Do not neglect it please Walt, for I want to see you very much. Mrs. Cooper & Robert send their loves. Ever yours, In a Hurry! Fred.

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