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Letter to Walt Whitman

Vaughan, Frederick B. Letter to Walt Whitman. 1860.
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This letter from Fred Vaughan to Walt Whitman was sent on May 21, 1860.

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Dear Walt,
I received your note this a.m. and I was very very much pleased to hear from you. I am right glad to hear your mission to Boston has terminated so successfully. I hope to God it may be not only a success as regards its typography, appearance and real worth, but also pecuniarily a success. For you know, “A well filled pocket, now & then, is relished by the best of men.” Walt, I hope you will be home soon. I want to see you very much indeed. I have never thought more frequently about you than during the time you have been in Boston. Make it your business to call and see me as soon as you arrive in New York, and we can make an appointment to pass some hours together. As I have much, very much to talk to you about. Robt and Mrs. Cooper send their love, Yours truly, Fred.

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