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Dramatic Feuilleton

Figaro [Clapp, Henry Jr.]. "Dramatic Feuilleton." New York Saturday Press. 13 Jan. 1866: 24-25.

Writing to Mr. Editor, after remarking that he has returned from an absence, Figaro opens with a discussion of his stove, the cold, and how the story of his stove can be heard at Pfaff's. Figaro also makes mention of De Walden's The Balloon Wedding and discusses other theater critics' negative reviews of popular actors like Edwin Booth and Kate Bateman. Figaro engages in a discussion of how "business is the order" at several theaters, including Wallack's, and discusses the current shows and musical events.

People who Created this Work

Clapp, Henry author

People Mentioned in this Work

Booth, Edwin [pages:24,25]

Figaro discusses the "fiendish treatment" of Booth and Kate Bateman by Bennett of the Herald (24).

de Walden, Thomas [pages:24]

Figaro discusses a conversation he has had with the man who claims to be the "joint author" of De Walden's new "sensation play" (24).

Seymour, Charles [pages:24]

Figaro alludes to the fact that C.B.S. has been writing the column in his absence (24).

Wallack's Lyceum [pages:25]

Figaro notes that even at Wallack's "business is the order" (25).

Wallack, John [pages:24]