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Letter to John Swinton, February 3, 1865

Whitman, Walt. "Letter to John Swinton, Februray 3, 1865." Walt Whitman: The Correspondence. Ed. Edwin Haviland Miller. New York: New York University Press, 1961. 252-253.
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Whitman writes a letter from Washington, D.C. to John Swinton in regard to his brother George Whitman. George is in a military prison in Virginia, and Walt hopes Swinton can write to General Grant to make a special exchange in his favor.

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To John Swinton
Washington, Feb 3, 1865
My dear friend,
From the deep distress of my mother whose health is getting affected, & of my sister--& thinking it worth the trial of myself, I write this hastily to ask you to do, or rather if you have an objection to do, as follows:
Write a brief letter, not filling more than one page, letter paper, to Lt. Gen. Grant. Date it from the office of the Times, which will add to its effect, & recal you to Gen. Grant. It is to request him to give directions, that one of the special exchanges (of which they are now making quite a number) shall be made, in favor of my brother George, and also another officer same regiment. State in short terms that Capt. Whitman has been in active military service of U. S. since April, 1861, nearly four years, has borne his part bravely in battles in nearly every part of the war in the United States, east & west, including Vicksburgh & Jackson, Miss.—has an aged widowed mother in deepest distress. Ask Gen. G to order a special exchange of

Capt. George W. Whitman, 51st New York Vol.
& Lieut Samuel Pooley, 51st New York Vol.
both of whom are now, or were lately, in C.S. Military Prison, in Danville, Va. (both the above officers have been promoted from the ranks for conduct on the field)—
Walt Whitman
My address is simply to Washington D. C. as I go to post office for my letters.

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