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Letter to Ellen M. O'Connor, October 20, 1865

Whitman, Walt. "Letter to Ellen M. O'Connor, October 20, 1865." Walt Whitman: The Correspondence. Ed. Edwin Haviland Miller. New York: New York University Press, 1961. 269-270.
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Whitman writes a short letter from a letter from Brooklyn to his friend Ellen O’Connor in Washington. He gives her a short update on his life, and informs her that Drum Taps will be published and bound soon.

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To Ellen M. O’Connor

Endorsed: “Ans’d.” Address: Mrs. E. M. O’Connor |
326 H st. near Vermont av. | Washington | D. C.
Postmark: New York | Oct | 20.
Brooklyn | October 20 | 1865
Dear friend,
Your letter came right--& was glad to hear from you, Nelly, & Charles Eldridge & dear little Jeannie—( I will not add William because I did not hear any thing about him.)
Nelly, the skies are brighter here than when I wrote you last. Little sis is so much better, that she had been twice brought down here to the front basement, & has in every respect improved much since last Saturday—Then my mother arrived home last Tuesday—and now it looks something like home in reality—I am quite well—
Drum Taps will be bound (a small edition) before you get this--& will next week be put in the hands of a New York publisher & launched on the market—at least that’s my design at present—
When you write me tell me about William—My mother returns bringing cheerful intelligence upon the whole--& is herself in splendid condition—haven’t seen her look & apparently feel better in years—My brother George (or did I tell you?) is working again at his trade & had grand health—Love & Farewell—

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