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Dramatic Feuilleton

Figaro [Clapp, Henry Jr.]. "Dramatic Feuilleton." The New York Saturday Press. 15 Aug. 1865: 8-9.
theater criticism

Figaro writes enthusiastically of the return of the Saturday Press and sends "a word of greeting to my old theatrical friends, and promise[s] them when the time comes, to write of them with as much candor and impartiality as ever" (8). Figaro lists two topics which we could discuss about the theater that have already been covered. He discusses his great "surprise" at the acting of Miss Kate Reginolds" at the Broadway Theatre and his "delight" to see her share the stage with his "old favorite" Mr. W.H. Smith (9). Figaro also gives a general report of the status of the Broadway, Winter Garden, Olympic, and French Theatres. The Feuilleton is followed by a series of humorous notes about several topics, including Pfaff's new garden, the Saturday Press, the Herald, and Artemus Ward.

People who Created this Work

Clapp, Henry author

People Mentioned in this Work

Jefferson, Joseph [pages:9]

Figaro reports that Mr. Duff was hoping to re-open the Olympic with Jefferson in the fall, but Jefferson is engaged at the Adelphi in London until mid-winter (9).

Pfaff, Charles [pages:9]

A note following the Feuilleton discusses Pfaff's "improvement" through the addition of a garden. The landscaping was done by artists from a nearby theater. The note also mentions that someone has written on the wall, "C. Pfaff and die!" (9).

The Saturday Press [pages:8,9]

Figaro "celebrates" the paper and "joins [his] fortune" to the paper. Figaro is "celebrating" and discussing the paper's return (8). A note following the Feuilleton reads, "In reply to a correspondent who asks us to describe our staff, we beg to say that the Saturday Press is neither old enough or weak enough to require a staff" (9).

Wallack's Lyceum [pages:9]

Figaro mentions Dan Bryant's success in Miles-na-Coppoleen at Wallack's as a possible - and dismissed - topic for his column (9).

Ward, Artemus [pages:8-9]

Figaro claims that he could write about Arrah-na-Pogue at Niblo's, but that Ward has already done it. He also claims that "when you catch me following Artemus Ward you may take note of it" (8). Figaro also notes that unlike many others, he will not be following Ward to England (9). Figaro reports that Ward is expected to repeat "his Mormon entertainment" at Irving Hall in September (9). A humorous note following the Feuilleton claims that Ward has "caused considerable embarassment to the Tax Commissioners by returning his income in 'wax figgers'" (9).