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Dramatic Feuilleton: Inscribed to the General Public

"Dramatic Feuilleton: Inscribed to the General Public." New-York Saturday Press. 15 Dec. 1860: 3.
theater criticism

In this unsigned entry, written as a letter to the General, the writer discusses the acting styles of Booth and Forrest and his general displeasures with male actors' abilities to perform human emotions. He claims their biggest trick is to add much noise to their performances as a substitute for emotion. The writer also discusses a February 14, 1858, performance of Lady Tartuffe he was present for at the Theatre Francais in Paris. The Fueilleton concludes with the printing of "the Peorian muse's" poem in honor of Adelina Patti (3).

People Mentioned in this Work

Booth, Edwin [pages:3]

Figaro asks why anyone would spend more to see Booth or Forrest perform when there is plenty to see at Barnum's. Also discusses his failure, as well as other male actors', to accurately represent human emotions. Discusses his performance as Richelieu (3).