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Dramatic Feuilleton

Quelqu'un [Winter, William]. "Dramatic Feuilleton." New-York Saturday Press. 17 Nov. 1860: 3.
theater criticism

In this letter to the General, Quelqu'un writes about Miss Cushman's performance as Romeo at the Winter Garden. He maintains his dislike for her acting style as well as Edwin Forrest's and wonders at their continued popularity. Quelqu'un gives positive reviews to The Hypochondriac at Laura Keene's Theatre.

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Keene, Laura [pages:3]

Quelqu'un claims he hasn't seen anything theatrical during the week except The Hypochondriac at Laura Keene's and one act of Miss Cushman's Romeo at the Winter Garden. He claims to prefer the Hypochondriac, despite popular opinion (3).

Mallen, Edward [pages:3]

Quelqu'un refers to a caricature of Mullen's in the last issue of The Comic Monthly in his discussion of Miss Cushman (3).

Whitman, Walt [pages:3]

Quelqu'un asks Whitman's pardon when he claims that "ordinary every-day as tame and upoetical as haymaking" in comparison to the way romance is portrayed by actors like Miss Cushman and Edwin Forrest (3).