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Dramatic Feuilleton

Quelqu'un [Winter, William]. "Dramatic Feuilleton." New-York Saturday Press. 16 Jun. 1860: 3.
theater criticism

Quelqu'un's Feuilleton is headed, "Inscribed, with more or less of affection, to the General Public." Quelqu'un encourages those who dislike the "heavy theaters" in the warm weather to go to Nixon's. He discusses his recent attempts to be amused at the Winter Garden and how this experiment failed. Quelqu'un also discusses the theater's actors. Quelqu'un accuses the General of "cowardice" for not speaking its mind when there is something wrong at the theater, but then explores the General's reasons for theater-going and decides to let things slide. Finally, he decides that he should refuse to write when there's nothing to write about.

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