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Thoughts and Things

Clare, Ada. "Thoughts and Things." New-York Saturday Press. 19 May 1860: 3.

In this column, Clare makes a brief mention of the opera at the Winter Garden before engaging in a longer discussion of her first meeting of the Women's Right's Convention. She claims she was a little discouraged after the first speaker gave a sensible but dull speech that covered old complaints and failed to move into new ideas and territory. Clare claims, however, that she was inspired by Mrs. Ernestine L. Rose's speech and oratory style. Clare especially enjoyed her use of humor, claiming that there is much room for comedy in woman's relation to man. Clare blames most of the ills that befall women on their general ill health and the perpetuation of practices and social values that encourage women to be weak and sickly. Clare shares her own unfortunate experience with these social pressures. She argues that women cannot obtain full rights and respect until they argue for and insist upon their health and well-being. Clare also briefly mentions Rutledge, a book by an American woman writer, and briefly discusses bears.

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