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Opinions of the Press

"Opinions of the Press." New-York Saturday Press. 24 Mar. 1860: 1.

Lists a series of short quotes from various reviews of The Saturday Press.

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From the New York Daily Times
The Saturday Press is the ablest of the literary weeklies, and almost the only one which possesses any very salient peculiarities of character and tone.

From Dwight’s Journal of Music
The N. Y. Saturday Press is one of the liveliest and sauciest of our exchanges.

From the Columbia (S.C.) Courant
The Saturday Press is very well edited, and is unquestionably, as a literary journal, a very able one.

From the Burlington Times
We remain of opinion that the Saturday Press is the ablest edited and most entertaining weekly paper in New York.

From the Providence Journal
The most attractive journal for literary men and book-collectors which has fallen under our notice is the N. Y. Saturday Press.

From the Boston Recorder
We know of no literary journal, either in this country or in England, which, on the whole, we should prefer to it; and we heartily commend it to all who desire to keep themselves acquainted with the issues of the American and English press, and other current matters in literature.

From the Boston Congregationalist
We have been much pleased with the N.Y. Saturday Press, which strikes us as being the spiciest, frankest, and truest in its criticisms upon literature of any journal out. It contains the completest [sic] printed list of new books, and books in press.

From the N.Y. Sunday Courier
The Saturday Press contains wit enough, and good writing enough to entitle it to a hearty support from all the cultivated and right-thinking classes.

From the N.Y. Traveller
The Saturday Press is one of the best weekly papers we have seen. It is of great value to all those who wish to keep au courant of all the new books.

From the N.Y. Leader
A spirited embodiment of literary Bohemianism.

From the Xania News
The sauciest and most piquant of our literary weeklies.

From the N.Y. Sunday Times
It is edited with much sprightliness and ability. Its dramatic feuilleton is particularly lively. Altogether, we hold the Saturday press and its specialties as a real addition to the best newspaper literature of the day.

From the N.Y. Spirit of the Times.
The N.Y. Saturday Press—a paper always distinguished for its independence and originality.

From the Scranton Republican.
It [is] conducted with great sprightliness and vigor. Its editors are evidently men who do their own thinking, and give independent criticisms on passing events and current literature. It is especially valuable to the literary man and the bookseller, by reason of its publication of the weekly issues of the leading publishing houses in the country.

From the Springfield (Ohio) Journal.
The N. Y. Saturday Press—the sharpest paper on the Continent.

From the Ohio State Journal.
When you take up the Saturday Press, if you are so fortunate as to be a subscriber to that paper, you seldom lay it down again till you have read the last word. It is the best of papers.

From the Schenectady Daily News
A paper that cannot be hired to puff what it thinks worthless. The N.Y. Saturday press is a valuable antidote to the twaddle of New York weekly paperdom.

From the West Troy Democrat
The Saturday Press, is one of the most independent, out-spoken journals it was ever our pleasure to read. The Press gives the only complete list of new publications, foreign and home, anywhere to be found. It is therefore invaluable to those desiring to keep themselves posted in literary matters.

From the New York Day Book
We believe everybody, unless he is a sham and a charlatan, likes this spirited, outspoken sheet. The individuals excepted hold it in holy horror; for the manner it pitches into nonsense of all kinds in its sharp, sententious, Frenchy way, is as refreshing to the pure-minded and virtuous, as it is distasteful to the humbugs.

From The Springfield (Ohio) News and Journal
The sharpest paper in the country.

From the Boston Commercial Bulletin.
The Saturday Press is mainly devoted to current Literary News, Belles Lettres, the Fine Arts, etc., and is one of the best journals of the kind ever published in this country.

From The New York Correspondent of the Boston Courier.
The Saturday Press, to which I have before made allusion though hardly to be called comic, is neverthtless the most witty and intellectually vigorous weekly we have ever had in this city. Its columns always contain a score or more of original jokes, which sould startle one into a laugh, or make him cry “good,” even at his own funeral.

From the Philadelphia Press
We are moved by no consideration save genuine merit to commend to the searchers after a good weekly paper. The Saturday Press, published in New York by Henry Clapp, Jr. It is really the first attempt in this country at a pure, decent, uninfluenced literary journal, and is free from the nauseating traits of the majority of the weeklies. The criticisms of affairs in the artistic and social realm are intelligent, and always hit straight; the bon mots out sparkle the best things of Punch; and a feature alone worthy the subscription is the weekly Book-List, accurately prepared.

From the New York Traveller
The New York Saturday Press, the sprightliest, raciest, frankest, sauciest, sharpest, wittiest, most piquant, original, outspoken, and sententious American literary weekly.

From the Sunbeam (Bataria)
We esteem it the best journal of its class that is published in America. Its articles are piquant and spicy, and evince not only a high order of talent, but genius on the part of its editor and regular contributors.

From the Fulton County Democrat.
The New York Saturday Press is the best and most independent literary paper in the State, with the single exception of the Home Journal, which has no particular claims to independence. The Press has all the wit and none of the stupidity of the London Punch.

From the Yonkers Herald.
We believe no one who has once taught and read The Saturday press, will be without it afterwards—that is, if his is in any place where it can be obtained.

From the New Haven Palladium
The literary weekly, now in its second year, we consider one of the ablest purely literary papers published in the United States. It contains each week a Book-List of from one to two columns, embracing all works, American and foreign, just out or to be issued, an admirable chess column, the best original and selected tales and sketches; spicy and interesting correspondence, a full resume of the week’s literary and art intelligence, a very piquant dramatic feuilleton, etc., besides bold and independent editorials upon all prominent topics of the day from the pen of the talented editor. To the literary man, the scholar, the man of business—in fact, to all classes of intelligent readers—this paper just fills a want never before met.

From the New York Dispatch
We want our readers distinctly to understand that The New York Saturday Press is the most saucy, clever, independent, and piquant literary weekly now or ever published anywhere. It is just a little over a year old, and has most ably struggled through the obstacles which always attend the weaning of new publications in the newspaper line. For our own part, we are free to confess that we take up no paper with more eagerness, and peruse none of all our exchange list, which is over large, with half as much satisfaction as The Saturday press. Nay, we would willingly pay fifty cents a copy rather than do without it, and the subscription price is only $2 per annum. The Saturday Press cannot be induced by money or patronage to puff anybody or anything not deserving free favorable mention, and is as free and independent as it is witty, sprightly, and just in all matters of art, literature, and social questions. It is the paper for intelligent and independent people.

From the Hartford Courant.
A vigorous, original, lively, and independent literary weekly. It is distinguished above any paper in the United States for its fresh and accurate literary intelligence, the independence and vigor of its leading articles, the choiceness of its miscellaneous matter, and, especially, for its complete weekly List of New Books and Books in Press. To the scholar, the literary man, and the man of taste, in all matters of art and literature, we consider this paper almost a necessity.

From the Bergen County Journal
A sparkling, racy sheet, which under its present vigorous management, seems destined to meet with the success it deserves.

From the Clermont Courier
The New York Saturday Press is one of the sharpest and wittiest literary papers in the country. If you want a paper that has some originality about it, subscribe for The Saturday Press.

From the Schenectady News
The New York Saturday press is a paper we add to our exchange list with great pleasure, and hope it will be sent to us regularly. As we want The Saturday press for our own reading, we hope Mr. Clap will see that his clerk puts the News on his regular list. The Saturday press hates indiscriminate puffing as bad as we do, and is doing more for high art and letters than any ten papers in the Union.

From the Philadelhpia Bulletin
The raciest and most independent of all the weeklies.

From the Boston Transcript
It is one of the live weekly journals of the country, and we observe that the English literary journals make copious extracts from it.

From the Boston Courier
A paper which seems to sparkle with new brightness at each appearance.